The milongas of the XVII Encuentro Internacional Tango Valencia 2019 will take place in the following places:

Milonga Hotel Olympia
Milonga Malvarosa Beach
Milonga Plaza

Olympia Hotel Events & Spa

Maestro Serrano, 3. Alboraya, Valencia.
Phone: +34 963 033 392 | Fax: +34 963 033 393

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Hotel Olympia Milongas

Our milonga is held every Saturday of the year in the halls of the Hotel Olympia, in Alboraya. Our milonga is open to all members and tangueros who wish to visit us. The milongas include a non-alcoholic drink, except for those expressly stated otherwise.

Milonga at Malvarrosa beach

DJ Gloria

Isabel de Villena, 36. Valencia
(Malvarrosa promenade, at the last roundabout, before La Patacona)

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Malvarrosa beach Milonga

Every Saturday of August, we have free outdoor milonga in front of the sea, on the beach of La Malvarrosa. This great experience is repeated every year at our Encuentro Internacional Tango Valencia.

Free Milonga at a place with historical interest

We take advantage of the month of May of each year to promote tango by taking the street milongas on Sundays in emblematic squares and places from the city of Valencia, a fact that we repeat at our Tango Meeting every October.

In our milongas we have the presence of Luis Orlando, capturing with his camera the most important moments in the tango of Valencia and other places for years.

Not only the steps of tango, but also the hugs and, above all, the feelings and emotions in the couple of dancers are reflected in their magnificent photographs.

A photograph is a window to another time in the world. Luis grew up with the windows that opened for him first his grandfather and then his father. Advanced to the technology and dodging the censorship of his time began at age 14 disassembling the inheritance cameras, improvising with archaic projectors that gave life to that which for the eyes of most were blank papers.

Photography and tango manage to unite in their lives and work, letting them see how intimate the private lives, these are the windows that Luis opens up for us and in them he also shares a little of himself.